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Balenciaga Winter 2022

Look, if you haven't seen the new Balenciaga winter collection 2022 advertising campaign. Of course, the main muse of the brand, Kim Kardashian, took part in it, not only because of her but because the most beautiful campaign also turned out. Great backgrounds, beloved brand style, stars Alexa Demi, Big Matthew, and others.
Throughout the campaign, models pose in various settings. Demi is captured in a desert landscape, Big Matthew is pictured on the beach with a trash bag, and Seok stands among rocks and glaciers. Young Kun is depicted amidst a field of flowers, while Kardashian looks like she's walking on water, with the ocean under her feet and a stormy sky above her head.
All models in the collection are presented in inappropriate conditions: layered pieces are worn by models under the hot sun, and those on the ice wear lightweight clothes.
The campaign was shot by Daniel Roche, the Berlin-based photographer responsible for Balenciaga's first underwear and swimwear campaigns.