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One of the important notes that complete the image is the aroma.
While Prada Beauty continues to intrigue followers on social media with the first collection of beauty products that will be dedicated to the “Prada Woman,” intriguing who is the face (and so far only the back) of the advertising campaign, Chanel reveals the secrets of the iconic fragrance No. 5.
Far from the French city of Grasse is a farm where roses and jasmine are grown for the Chanel No.5 fragrance. The Mule families have owned this farm for five generations. Imagine the fashion house signed an agreement with them in 1987 to grow flowers. Chanel purposely built a factory on the farm. One small bottle requires about 1,000 jasmine and 12 May roses, carefully hand-picked here on the farm. This elixir is subsequently sent to the Chanel laboratories, where it becomes the unforgettable Chanel 5 fragrance.